Twitter, A Reflection


It seems that I have been writing and reading about Twitter all week. My reflection highlights thoughts that continue to nag at me. Ultimately, for me, the 140 character count directly opposes my wanting students to support, elaborate and substantiate their points.  In today’s soundbite society, Twitter is not a tool to help students think critically and prove a point. The more I’m learning about Twitter, the more I see it as invasive into one’s privacy. As an instructor, I follow the syllabus and strive to reflect my institution in a favorable light. If Twitter is not a required course “text or tool”, I’m thinking I have no right to expect students to sign up and follow. If I truly saw it as an added component of communication, then I might add it to the suggestion list. For example, I recommend that students purchase an inexpensive dictionary. While not required, a dictionary is a tool that will clearly benefit them in their assignments. I’m not viewing Twitter as a tool to meet an instructional need when other more direct contact tools such as messaging, email, and conferencing exist.


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