FuzeBox, Inc., Offers Real-Time Growth Opportunities

FuzeBox, Inc., which launched online in 2009, offers a free online meeting site. To participate in a FuzeBox video conference, FuzeBox recommends that users (host and participants invited to attend) should run a diagnostic test. FuzeBox technology checks software compatibility, the web camera, and the audio components of the user’s computer. One would be wrong in thinking that if all is well in the diagnostic test that all will go well in the video conference.

Many employers utilize FuzeBox and companies like it to host group interview sessions. Employers, conscious of time, conclude that it is economically better to host a group session of 15 candidates for one hour than to host sessions with 15 individual candidates. Economically, the FuzeBox forum makes sense if the position is a collaborative one.

I had an opportunity to participate in a group interview held on FuzeBox. While my pre-interview diagnostics went well and signing into the meeting went without a hitch, once in the meeting, I only heard silence. I could see the other candidates; I presume they were able to see me. However, it was like watching a silent movie. Mouths moved, but no words came out of them.

This led me to face a technology conundrum. Results-driven and resolution-oriented, I needed a solution. I ended up maintaining video and chat capabilities and calling into the meeting. Talk about multitasking! I’m not sure how one would enter the conversation if not logged in online.  To answer a question, the user  hit a “raise a red flag” button. Once one speaker finished, the audio automatically went to the next user who indicated a desire to contribute. This option is unavailable by telephone.

Given my challenge with the FuzeBox technology, I’m unlikely to use its forum again.  However, it challenged me to resolve the situation in the best way I knew too at the time.  I learned about a new use for technology, a group interview. I’ve learned that running a diagnostic test is not enough. The next time, I’ll contact the web conference company technology support team to confirm that my computer system complies during the time I need it to function to the best of its ability.   Meanwhile, I’ll stick with Skype.



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