Repositories Offer Cross-Curricular Opportunities

I like to think of repositories as materials to use for cross-curricular activities. So often, one source material has multiple applications.  For example, offers a selection of materials that while organized by content areas are easily used in other content areas than intended. For example, the series, “Drama Based on Historical Characters: Angus Augustus Burleigh, Civil War Soldier” is found under the Social Studies area. However, if the course curriculum references the Civil War and includes readings about it, this particular video could bring the time period to life for the student. It could offer the same viewpoint, if the viewpoint is the Union, or it could provide an opposing viewpoint, if the reading is from a Southern perspective. Most importantly, the visual of the video will help put the course material in context. This piece could be used in a history class for the same reasons as in the English class. Here’s the link for this particular repository item:


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