The Prezi Drawing Board

preziI first began checking out Prezi earlier this month. I spent more hours than I care to admit to develop a lengthy presentation that incorporated PowerPoint slides, video links, and practice sessions. It is meant to be viewed in sections. However, the assignment for this unit is very specific in that the time maximum is five minutes. Of course this makes sense given that a presentation of this nature should fall within given proven parameters of success. Thus, literally, it was back to the Prezi drawing board.

I forgot the frustrations I had previously experienced when playing with Prezi. Yet, overall I am glad I created this presentation. Its purpose is to provide students with Brainstorming strategies to develop a Dual Text Analysis essay. The presentation addresses the Venn Diagram, the T-Chart, and the Outline. It is meant to be used in conjunction with handouts which will provide students with opportunities to practice the concepts presented.

I wonder if the time investment (again, more hours than I am willing to admit) is worth the value of the learning tool. Since it as of yet untested, I’m trying to remain open-minded. However, I think other methods, such as PowerPoint, have proven value and took far less time than I invested. To be fair, part of the time invested reflects my learning curve which I would identify as in the “under development” phase.

Here’s the link to my Prezi Presentation on Brainstorming for the Dual Text Analysis essay:

I look forward to your feedback!


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