An Educator’s Dilemma: Designer or Off the Rack?

To “jazz things up” and to engage diverse learners, educators constantly seek innovative ways to introduce and reinforce content to students. YouTube, Prezi, and repositories are but a few locations to find ready-made content. While easily accessible, it takes time to research, preview, and select the right material. Although online material is abundant and will satisfy the learning objective, sometimes “Good enough” isn’t acceptable, thus creating one’s own content becomes a necessity. The distinct advantage of creating content is the product will be designed to  meet a specific need. Further, “settling” becomes a non-issue because when one creates his/her own content, the points will be presented as one wants and in the order desired. Also, the format and style will be exactly as one wants. While it takes time to select ready-made content, it takes time to develop and create content. Content, like clothing, becomes a choice between off the rack or custom-made. And like clothing, time factors such as “How long until I need it?” and “How long until I get it?” affect the decision whether to choose ready-made or designer content.


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