A Bit of Self Reflection

the thinker

This list, written in January, reflects my goals for the TT1411 class, the catalyst for this blog:

  1. Learn and comprehend technology terminology and identify possibilities for class.
  2. Learn what Twitter is and how it could be used as a teaching tool.
  3. Develop a blog site.
  4. Develop a discussion post and utilize it as a class communication tool.
  5. Create an online class survey or quiz.

Since the class is nearly over and I’ve already submitted my final module reflection, it makes sense to me to review and reflect upon my original goal list. The bottom line is I achieved all of my goals. I learned what Twitter is and while I acknowledge it as a learning possibility, it is not among my favorite educational technologies right now. If you’re reading this post, you will acknowledge that I’ve created a blog site. I’ve developed Discussion Posts in the course. More importantly, I created two posts for my students in the classes I teach. I created an online survey. I chose to query respondents about Discussion Boards because while I acknowledge their importance to an online course, I have lingering questions about their learning value. I plan report the findings on this blog. The integration of technology into teaching possibilities is endless. Regarding technology terminology, while there is much more to learn, at least now, I have an inkling of what more I need to learn and an understanding of what questions to ask!


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