Eight or Nine Nouns About Me

This was written for the Encouraging Communication in the online classroom ION course.

Definition of noun in English:


Line breaks: noun

Pronunciation: /naʊn /NOUN

  • A word (other than a pronoun) used to identify any of a class of people, places, or things (common noun), or to name a particular one of these (proper noun).

–from oxforddictionaries.com

The following nouns describe things about me as a person. Explanations follow.

  1. Writer. As the story goes, it began with me, a red crayon, and a freshly painted white wall. While I still write my story, it has advanced beyond the letter “O”.
  1. Photojournalist. From the beginning, I sensed that pictures helped tell the tale. From a Kodak Brownie to film development to instant gratification on a cell phone, photos capture a moment. The moment may not be the whole story, yet it could be a good story.
  1. Educator. To be an educator is to be a life-long learner. To educate, one must know how to learn and how to share the knowledge to help others learn. Enthusiasm and passion for learning and teaching others are part of being an educator.
  1. Friend. I choose carefully and have been blessed with lifelong friends. I’ve shared stories and experiences and managed to grow my friendships through decades despite geography.
  1. Hoarder. I have a serious problem “letting go”. I have cartoons, articles, books, maps, letters, memorabilia, and too many unused scrapbooks. Too many moves, not enough time, and little motivation have aided and abetted in a gripping reality check for me. Those papers from last fall are headed for the shredder tomorrow.
  1. Traveler. Once upon a time, I wanted to travel the world. My world changed and now, I want to finish traveling throughout the United States. This country has such geographical diversity that I went from loving to fly to loving to drive. I’d rather see the mountains than fly over them.
  1. List-Maker. This assignment is right up my alley. Make a list of eight things….I make “To Do” lists on backs of envelopes and pieces of paper. I post a class itinerary on the whiteboard and on the CMS announcement section. I have a task APP on my phone. Occasionally, when I don’t lose the list, I complete it! Naturally, I have a list of the places I to which I want to travel. As one who colored on a freshly painted white wall without lines, my list went beyond eight.
  1. Reader. I once had a list of books I wanted to read. With the advent of technology and the internet, others have posted lists of “Must read books” and “The Classics”, so it seems ridiculous to start another list of my own. Besides, I find I enjoy reading books my students read; it provides a wonderful way to connect with them. And, I don’t worry about losing the list.
  1. Cheerleader. I do not speak of a high school cheerleader or Dallas Cowboy type cheerleader. Rather, I cheer for my children and for my students. Easily recognized at any one of my children’s events, I was the mom wearing the appropriate team sport T-shirt with matching jewelry, waving pom poms in school colors, and screaming like crazy.  I clapped at plays, Irish dance recitals, choral and band concerts, and drama competitions. I screamed at ROTC drill meets, swim meets, track meets, and football games. My life has been enriched by the activities which my children involved themselves. I do the same for my students in the sense of cheering them on to do well in my class and to help them remove any barriers that are an obstacle to their success.

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